So the countdown to Christmas day has began and so each day we open a new advent window to reveal a gift with a chocolate or message.

Its been a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years and each family has their own way of making it special. There are now ready made advent holders that as Mums or Dads we take our time to fill with small delights that will everyday make the little ones smile. The fermliving house with pockets to hold each gift is very special and the black and white tags with gorgeous numerals have been used to hang on a tree for each new day. We at Vanil have our own feastive countdown. Between now and Christmas eve, we will be unwrapping a mystery item with a special discount or prise that day only.

The discount is only available in the Woodbridge shop but you can also contact me by mail or telephone.

We are now on day 6 and have enjoyed the antisipation and all the gorgeous comments.

Enjoy there are some good ones to come Mxx


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