Busy week in the shop but ive also been in Aldburgh supporting wonderful local charity @artforcure

The exhibiton is on 3rd – 4th June so starts tomorrow and as most of you know if you are a Vanil friend, Art for cure and breast cancer awaremess is very close to our hearts.

She. An inspired collection of painting, sculpture and ceramic all about woman is at the Peter pear and garage gallery by the sea.

We spent yesterday getting ready to welcome everyone who will kindly support our charity.

The Collection is truely inspiring and I know theres lots I would like to bring home.

Here are some of our wonderful artists

Samantha barnes, Sarah Baddon Price, Michael G Clark, John O’ Conner, Henrietta Dubrey, Rachel Ducker, Christopher Good, Jelly Green, Maggi Hambling, Ania Hobson, Theronda Hoffman and many more.

please take a look at

www.artforcure.org.uk to  find out more.

If you are around in suffolk this weekend and you would like to get some sea air and give us your support – pop by.

For our younger audience we will be decorating pebbles.



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