Urban Nature Culture Shizu Mango Wood Bowls, set of 3


Material: Mango wood
Sizes: Ø10cm*4cm / Ø12.5cm*4.5cm / Ø15cm*5.5cm

Shizu is the Japanese term for ‘ancestor’ or ‘founder’, making it a befitting name to our series of mango-wooden bowls. Because, no matter the beauty that man manages to create from nature, mother nature was here first. Nature is the founder of us all, the one thing we couldn’t live without.

For centuries, our ancestors have used all different types of wood to design products – products of practical use, art or something in between. Though the mango tree is mostly known for its fruit, it’s the tree itself which is the source to one of the most versatile and planet-friendly wood. Once their fruit bearing lifespan has finished, the wood can be converted to lumber. Music instruments, furniture and now – Urban Nature Culture’s mango Shizu series, are made from its lumber. With a modern, urban look, and carrying a close to pitch-black shade, the Shizu bowl frames every single meal you serve in it.

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