Stoneware Vase with glazed orange inside – Large


Portuguese handicraft: vase decorative medium size in natural stoneware with an orange glazed finish on the inside. It is resistant, sustainable and handmade in Portugal.
Being handmade makes it unique: No two pieces are exactly alike and the vase may contain marks of the handicraft process.

Product Details:
– Vase dimensions: 4 ø x 10 ø x 28 H cm
– Vase Colour: Natural Stoneware

Also available in Medium and Small sizes.


Limited production

Quality: Made in Portugal, in the tradition of Barcelos handicraft.

Sustainability: Caring for the environment is important to us. That’s why we say no to plastic and reduce our carbon footprint by using handicraft processes that require less energy and natural resources.

Packaging: We use individual recyclable paper boxes and paper tape. This way we protect our products with less impact to the environment.

Home Decor: Our decorative stoneware vases are minimalist in style, which makes them functional for various types of environments and decorating styles. In addition, vase is waterproof and can be decorated with fresh flowers or dried flowers.
Instructions and Care: To clean the vase decorative, we recommend applying a soft cloth gently. Add a small amount of water if necessary. The ceramic may not be 100% waterproof. By placing water inside it can create condensation effect on the outside of vase.
About the Product: Each product is handmade and may contain small variations (colour, size, etc), which makes it unique. We cannot guarantee that it is exactly like the photographs. The variations may occur due to the natural characteristics of the materials used or due to imperfections already existing in the pieces.