Quinton & Chadwick – Blanket scarf in Madagascan Moon colours


This is a big blanket style scarf in a multi patterned, modern tartan design we called Tracks. It has warm yellow highlights fading into jade and aqua with many tones of tropical pink floating between.

It is inspired by the wings of the tropical Madagascan Moon moth with its amazing pinky ochre spot and zigzag markings. Sadly de-forestation is causing its decline as the forests of Madagascar are its natural environment.

We are often inspired by nature and as a sustainable company we wanted this scarf to be a tribute to this majestic moth.

The scarf is designed here in our studio where we knit the pattern swatches and combine the colours, trialing many different combinations until we are happy with the results. Mood boards containing all the patterns and tonal references are constantly on hand.

For the Tracks design the reference was Scottish traditional Tartans, which we chopped up re-configured and then combined with the colours of butterflies & moths found everywhere between Bungay and Borneo.

A normal scarf length it looks great with Coats, Jackets or just a Sweater on a warmer day. And being so multi coloured it will keep fresh year after year as it will work with many items already in your wardrobe.

100% Lambswool Dimensions 200 x 36 cms.

Lightly felted for extra softness.

Made In Scotland with extra fine lambswool yarn spun in Yorkshire.

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