Niwaki Enamel Mug – Mustard Yellow


We hunted high and low for just the right shape, rejecting many lesser enamel mugs for being too wide, too regular or too lightweight, before hitting the goldilocks zone of enamelware with these just-right beauties.

Enrobed in a durable 0.8mm enamel coating, our hand-finished mugs have a seductively curvy profile that fits perfectly in the hand.

Why enamel? Well, for one thing, it’s less likely to break when you drop it. For another, it’s light enough to take hiking – hang it from your daypack like a travelling tinker – or even to the far end of the garden.

Great for tea and coffee, especially around a campfire, but even better for impromptu whisky sessions. And once you’ve slaked your thirst, it wouldn’t look bad with a Kenzan in the bottom holding a few carefully chosen stems.

Size: 80 x 90mm
Weight: 190g
Made in Thailand
Volume: 380 ml

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As with all hand-finished items, allow for slight imperfections and variations in the enamel. The gold sticker is not a permanent feature, but the Niwaki stamp on the base most certainly is.

Dishwasher friendly but as with all enamel items, hand-washing is preferable. Avoid soaking in the sink for too long though – the small air vent on the underside of the handle can take in water.