Meraki scented candle set, 22 hours – Forest Rain


Turn your home into a space filled with serenity. This set of two small scented candles from Meraki is called Forest Rain and comes in transparent glass holders. Enjoy the wonderful scent of Forest Rain in your bathroom, living room or bedroom. The scent is a light and refreshing drizzle of orange, florals, oleander and musk. It is the feeling of walking in the forest after the rain has just fallen. Surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift or pamper yourself with a sensuous scent. Burning time: 22 hours.

Material: 2x Containers made of glass, 2x candles made of soy wax in a lovely rigid board gift box.

Size: (each candle) Height: 7.6 cm, dia: 7 cm

Burning time: 22 hours

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