Kajsa Cramer Studio – Bowl White Ø19cm


NEW Size!  Bowl White  is a perfect bowl for your dinner with soup, salad or pasta. Made of white porcelain clay, with glazed inside and a matt outside. Because the clay is glazed with a transparent glaze, there will be no gray marks or streaks due to cutlery. The bowl is cast and has an uneven surface.

The picture shows together with bowl 13.5 cm.

Dishwasher safe.

Measures approx. 19×6 cm. 


Some facts about porcelain clay:
The service patchy manufactured with high quality porcelain clay, burnt to about 1300 ℃; the highest temperature of all clays. The clay sinters and thus becomes waterproof, strong and very durable because it burns at such a high temperature. Reminds of bone china.