From a favourite and inspirational local designer, Jo Guiness, we love the botanical collection of naturally thrown, organically-shaped ceramics inspired by the wild flowers around Jo’s studio-cum-home.

Throughout the range are delicate botanical illustrations added in subtle shades to either the inside or outside. There is a lovely organic felt through every brush stroke and imperfection in shape and form.

Size Ø 12.5 x 6cm (W x H), this bowl has a natural peach exterior with very subtle wild flower illustration all round the outside. Inside is a beautifully complimentary pale aqua and glazed throughout.


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Out of stock


Jo uses a slab building technique to make her pots, so no wheel and no throwing. She also paints on glazes rather than dipping as she prefers the finish. Each piece comes out of a long and loving process.

From Jo: “I am trying to put something of what I see and feel on my walks in the Suffolk landscape in seas and skies into the colours and textures of my work.”

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Light Pale Grey, Natural White