Fine Little Day DOT Tray


Bring what you need on DOT tray with pattern by Isis Maakestad. A tray handcrafted in Sweden using birch wood veneer from the Baltic Sea Region. A perfectly sized tray for oils and spices at the kitchen counter or for serving.

Isis Maakestad, born in 1986, is a visual artist and illustrator working in Gothenburg who has designed several products for Fine Little Day. In 2016 she graduated from The Art Academy in Bergen, Norway.

Design Isis Maakestad for Fine Little Day
Size 43×22 cm / 16.9×8.6 in
Material Laminated birch
Colour White/Black
Care Dishwasher safe
Made in Sweden
Other Food contact approved

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Our trays are FSC-marked which ensures that all registered forest plantations only cut down trees according to very strict norms and regulations. Also the rights of the local inhabitants and forest workers are respected. When you choose a FSC marked product you show that you care for our nature and environment, just as we do. Thank you!