Apparently Pink is the new Black, which is great because it never fails to be a favourite colour for summer-time at Vanil. It is time to pack away those sumptuous winter colours and add some lightness to the home. We love the full range of beautiful pinks echoing the colours of flowering plants such as late spring Blossom, Peony and Hydrangea; it is one of those colours that can be soft and pale ‘blush’ or rich and vibrant ‘fuchsia’. A pink cushion or throw can freshen up a sofa in the living room or a bedroom chair, sometimes that’s all it needs to feel like a room has had a little sprinkle of summer freshness brought indoors; at Vanil we have a gorgeous range of pinks that are just perfect. Our product choice at this time of year is certainly inspired by the lovely colours of summer. No home can have too much pink!

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