This is slightly later due to a tough couple of weeks. Enjoy x

So the longterm whether forecast is that we are heading for an Indian summer through September, let’s hope this will be the case so that we can continue outdoor living just a little while longer. Establishing a sense of relaxed informality is one of the joys of spending as much time out of the house as possible — in a beach hut, summer house, or out on the deck in the garden. Make this possible by adding lots of cushions and blankets for snuggles when the chilly evening sets in. At Vanil we love the Tine K home ticking cushions and By Molle blankets. The smell of the sea can be brought into these spaces with gorgeous Skandinavisk swedish candles that smell divine. Create a beautiful place to share with friends and family, just like the Scandinavians do in their gorgeous summer retreats, or be really selfish and save it just for ‘me time’. We love a Pappelina rug that can add some much needed sunshine colour out onto the deck as we head towards autumn, bringing the inside of home outdoors for that extra touch of warmth.

And what of last minute picnics in the countryside or by the coast, an over-night sleepover on the boat or a full-on weekend camping trip! Our range of bamboo plates bowls and cups are perfect for dining outdoors and are as light as a feather to carry and store. So here at Vanil we say — enjoy outdoor living as long as the whether permits!

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