My coast: with August upon us and the school holidays well underway, its time for that traditional family holiday we’ve been waiting for all year, plus all those lovely long weekends and days-out; what a special time this is, creating lasting memories to treasure forever. In Sweden the holidays start much earlier than ours, usually around mid-summer’s day, with everyone in a hurry to get things done during the relatively short summer season. They truly celebrate mid-summer eve, the next day everyone leaves work and school for part or all the five week vacation, so as their holidays are coming to a close ours are now in full swing. 

Many of us here at home have chosen to staycation, but what of the weather, it’s so unpredictable! Here in Suffolk we are blessed with what I believe to be some of the most beautiful beaches whether rain or shine, Aldeburgh and Southwold to name but a few, crabbing being a favourite past-time with the little ones. But lets not neglect our neighbouring counties of Essex and Norfolk: Essex offering some amazing sailing opportunities on the waters of the River Stour, Colne and Blackwater, which as a family we try to make an annual trip; then there are those magnificent huge skies on the Norfolk coast, just the best for star gazing when camping, clamping or just lazing-about late evening. Food of course plays a huge part when our family and friends get together, there is nothing more delicious than fish ’n’ chips wherever we may be, always making sure the vegetarians and vegans have an equally scrumptious meal, which is usually orchestrated by our lovely Molly or Sophie whilst someone else is nominated to do the take-out run! Happy holidays everyone. 

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