One of the best things about having my shop is I get to meet and work with local Creatives.
Nicola’s garden and beautiful work makes me proud to be part of the suffolk community.

My GARDEN… Nicola Coe

A good part of my life is spent looking, listening and sensing the world around me through a garden…
I am a gardener… the definition of which is: a person who has a relationship with the earth.

I have practiced the art of gardening within 5 gardens, 3 allotments and a large field of cut flowers…

My garden today, set just outside Woodbridge in Hasketon, is about a third of an acre and covers everything from vegetable growing to a wild flower orchard where the chickens live. It is backed by open fields and overlooked by the ever-changing Suffolk skies.

I have often contemplated as an artist, why I garden – perhaps it exists as an ever-evolving piece of art? But I believe ti is so much more than that. The garden calms me, being close to the soil is absorbing and restorative. It has the power to ‘put into perspective’, soothing the senses and quietening the mind.

The Nature which lives within the boundaries of the garden is integral to it’s existence and artistic inspiration for me is everywhere. The buttercups allowed to thrive around the pond; the butterflies that visit daily and the moths that come out at night to play and of last but by no mean least, the bird that gift me birdsong and feathers…

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