If you’re reading this wrapped in a blanket snuggled on a sofa with a candle or two, that sence of cosiness you’re feeling might just be ‘hygge’.

The latest export from Denmark, following on from interior design and high-quality television drama, hygge is the Scandinavian country’s latest gift to the world.

Roughly described as a feeling of cosy contentment, tips on how to achieve a sense of hygge fill lifestyle and fashion magazines. Real hygge can happen anywhere: in Denmark or somewhere else, alone or in company, indoors or outdoors, with or without candles, hand-knitted socks and stylish furniture. Its a friday evening or that smell of roast potatoes on a sunday afternoon coming back from a walk. A steaming hot bath with fragranced candles or a hug from a girlfriend you havn’t seen for a while. With Christmas coming there will be many moments like this and I for one will be practising hygge lots.


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