So continuing our Holland adventures we arrived in Oranjeplaat a small marina with fab facilities great showers and the bikes are free. The small but beautiful village is a 2 mile bike ride via one of the many cycle routes. I do love the bike culture in Holland as you feel so safe without cars zooming by. The Dutch bikes are great to ride and well designed with a great space at the front for a shopping basket. I tried so very hard to persuade my husband that we could find space for one on our boat to take home. My arguement continues. We moved onto one of the Islands putting down anchor which is the best time with the sound of the water moving around the boat.We enjoyed an evening stroll, yoga and a quick cold water dip in the morning. Our Boat is my perfect home from home which has been dressed with collections from Vanil. The ticking cushions from Tine K Home look great in the cockpit and easy to wash. Storage is so important and Mifuko in the woven plastic work brilliantly, with bamboo plates a perfect material when out on the ocean wave.  At night my bedroom feels like my home with a ticking bed spread, linen cushions and my perfect Su ure mug for tea. On our way to Zierikzee we stopped off in Gosh, a much larger town with great restaurants and some interesting shops but on arrival in Zierikzee we moored in the marina which is beautiful and here I find the best  independent boutiques where I fall in love with some black and white stripe plates which im very happy to bring home.

One of the best things you see when out walking are the perfectly styled windows which are like paintings works of art. Each window has been styled for the onlooker to enjoy, treated like a canvas. Theres always a bike placed outside to finish the picture.

Having had a tip from @72b we set off on a 20 mile bike ride along the coast to Hampsteed. Its a long way but didn’t  dissappoint and on arrival we are rewarded with fresh gamba’s and their famous fries with a dollop of mayonnaise. Our other find was a wonderful family restaurant serving homemade pasta filled with shrimp in a lemon butter and the best crumble ever tasted. Joy.

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