Having had a tough time lately my gorgeous friends and I left for Galway in Ireland. It was so lovely to be going to Ireland, my Mummy’s birth place. It was comforting and felt right to be there. It was just what I needed, fresh sea air,  lots of gorgeous eating out, girlie chats and a few glasses of fizz. First stop for lunch was Kia, a lovely rustic style restaurant with a mix of shabby tables and chairs with very simple decor. I loved the original exposed stone wall and the window was full of Gourds in rich warm colours in different shapes and sizes.

The menu was all homemade,  a rich tomato soup served with organic Irish soda bread, Pollock fish fingers (my choice) served with a roughly chopped slaw. On the menu where a selection of  various stews. It was delicious and although was a hearty meal we couldn’t resist the display of gorgeous cakes partnered with a perfect cup of coffee. What a start to our trip.

Well we had to do some shopping and it’s a lively centre with really great independents and Brown Thomas is the department store to visit. It’s not very big but has all the brands you need to feast your eyes upon.

Jan my dear friend had already made a list of shops she new I would love. Here are a few.

Coffeewerk + Press

A space created to showcase the overlap between Irish and international design, while exploring the world of specialty coffee. Interesting space over two floors serving great coffee and a small collection of beautiful products felt very Scandinavian.


Cloon Keen Ateliers

A modern Irish perfumery, this beautiful space was a joy to visit. The candles are presented in thickly rimmed mouth blown glass, which is then hand applied with silver opaque finish for a beautiful glow when lit. The names all have a special story linked to the fragrance, my favourite was Antique Libray with spicy nutmeg, antique leathers and beeswax.

The perfumes are very special and I can see one of us putting this on our christmas wishlist.

There are many coffee shops and lots of really good vegan, vegartarian options.  So by 4 oclcok we where needing a glass of fizz, so wanderd to.



The Sheridan Cheesemongers


Downstairs, this is a wonderful deli with the most amazing choice of cheese, but the secret is upstairs. With a small bar, a large farm house table and a couple of benches, they serve platters of various cheeses with meats and olives all washed down with fizz.

They do also have a very good selection of wines. The atmosphere is chatty with customers dropping in on their way home or like us making an evening of it.

Will be visiting this gorgeous place again soon as lots more to discover.

Have a lovely weekend. x




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