Food is a theme we often return to as it is central to our family life and those of our friends. Sourcing, preparing and cooking food contributes to our health and social wellbeing through sharing recipes, distributing surplus homegrown produce, supporting local food markets and celebrating food with festivals. August is a special month with so many seasonal foods such as late summer berries, plums, courgettes, beetroots, juicy tomatoes, fresh Cromer crab or North Sea cod all at its best; Woodbridge continues to a host a weekly market on Thursday throughout August offering great local produce. 

Sweden hosts a very special event ‘The Crayfish Party’ although imported crayfish can be purchased anytime, the people of Sweden still like to uphold this seasonal tradition. Crayfish harvested in Sweden is traditionally cooked in brine with plenty of crown dill and is considered a much sought-after delicacy. The festival takes place outdoors with each table adorned by colourful paper lanterns and tableware. It is said the celebration is helped along with a few beers, schnapps and a sing-along, sounds like my kinda shout, so would love to attend sometime soon! At the end of August is another foodie feast in Sweden, that of ‘The Sour Herring Premier’. Herring is harvested in the spring, salted and soured then about a month later it is tinned to continue fermenting. Apparently the taste is much better than the smell, all-the-same I think might give this one a miss!

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