We love to spend time to learn from the designers and artists that inspire us. What better way than to come and spend an afternoon or an evening with the creators themselves, to understand how ideas and concepts come to life, to be challenged with new ways of thinking and creating? Below are Events to be held in our lovely Church Street space, as well as some of our past Events.

From Friday 23rd October, we’re pleased to announce a pop-up with Charlotte Crofts & Co., a design studio specialising in residential interiors and the supply of beautiful paints, textiles, lighting and furniture.

The passion for pattern, colour and quality began way back as a little girl with Charlotte spending many happy days with her grandfather, surrounded by his remarkable collection of antique furniture, rugs and intriguingly beautiful things.

Since she started her own studio in 2004 as Cabbage White, Charlotte has had the great pleasure of working in little cottages, country houses and even onboard the occasional houseboat for families who enjoy her lighthearted design ideas and collaborative approach.

For more info, please visit us at www.charlottecrofts.com

On Thursday 24th September it was our pleasure at Vanil to host Swedish garden designer Mia Witham in the garden all day demonstrating how to select and combine plants based on colour, texture and form to create stunning container displays. To Mia, a container plant display is a small garden in itself where the chosen palette of plants sets the mood of a border and can be translated to a larger planting scheme.

Container planting is a great way to experiment with plants throughout the year with replacement planting each season to ensure the planter looks wonderful all year round. Mia was available for garden advice and to place plant orders and purchase plants on the day.

Complying with COVID-19 regulations limited numbers only were allowed in the garden at any one time and social distancing had to be adhered to.

An Unforgettable Summer – Tuesday 8th Sept 10.30 – 5.30

For @motherdaughtercreate, the journey started in lockdown, It gave our lovely friend, lecturer and designer Maria and her daughter the time together, it gave them the space to create.

They have lived their lives in Suffolk, walking the countryside, sailing the rivers and estuaries so the inspiration started much earlier. Lockdown has helped a mum and teenage daughter bond.

The aim is to create paintings that smile back at you. The new paintings have evolved, embracing colour and movement in oil and sum up, this most unforgettable Summer enjoying nature.

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