Thankyou to the lovely Billy for this delicious Elderflower recipe.

Its such a pretty flower and tastes lovely with Fizz or drop some into rhubarb with a dollop of creme frais. Elderflower tea is also very calming, perfect for some me time.

25 heads of elderflower , 2 litres water , 3 or 4  lemons and 1 -2 oranges – juiced and the zest of these xx you boil the elderflower heads with the zest of all the fruit (after removing all bugs) and then after it has boiled, leave it covered overnight to infuse. Next day – strain through a Muslin or similar and boil again with a kilo of coconut sugar xxx simmer for 6 -10 mins and then funnel into clean bottles with Spring on caps (if that’s what you call them).

Billy also has a beautiful blog Bearhut, a photographic dairy, a memoir, an imprint of a concious living journey, a strive for simplicity in everyday life and satisfaction of her creative urge.


Bearhut is my home – it is where I exist, where I share love and food with my family, it is where I travel, it is where I craft. It is the place where my inspiration grows, it is my sanctuary, my reality and my dream. It is everything and nothing at all.

My journey is one of a conscious living, connecting with nature, finding my roots and vocation, creating and nurturing a simple, meaningful, minimalistic lifestyle that gives just as much as it takes.

Its worth a visit.

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