I can’t help myself but to say a little something about the Cuckoo Clock in a short blog; having mine given to me as a present a number of years ago when the idea of a shop was just a twinkle in the sky. I still love it as much as the first day we hung it on the wall in our London home and it’s still with us here in Suffolk. There are a number of stories as to the history of the Cuckoo Clock but the following is the one I like best, it goes something like this: A clock maker living in the Black Forest, Germany decided to create a clock that chimed like the church bells of his home village that would ring to remind villagers of the time. He chose the sound of the cuckoo to chime on the hour a number of times to denote the hour of day. And of course the first coo of the cuckoo is the first sign of Spring! One of our favourite choices here at Vanil is the magenta pink Diamantini & Domeniconi Cuckoo Clock, which will ensure you are all ready to start the day on time, with a little help from a cup of coffee.

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