Coffee has fast become part of our everyday culture, whether it’s grabbing a latte on the run or a flat white whilst working, usually getting cold because we are too busy to actually drink it! Yet again the people of Sweden in particular Stockholm, have got it so right, by taking a proper coffee break they call fika. Fika time is not a coffee on the run or a 5 minute break in daily routine, it is time to socialise with friends and work colleagues or just time to relax into ones own thoughts. Traditionally fika is not fika without a delicious pastry or piece of cake; sweet treats are a ‘must have’ with a coffee. The Swedish capital is definitely ahead of the game when it comes to coffee, with a seriously innovative scene emerging providing the very best coffee experiences. When on a discoveries trip to Stockholm it is so lovely to get into that fika vibe.

Here in Woodbridge we have great coffee on offer at The Wild Strawberry, Honey + Harvey, The Firestation and The Cookshed, we are definitely spoilt for choice. At Vanil we love to support local independent businesses, so when time for a chat and a cuppa we rush out for a takeout; then we try our best to behave in the Swedish way and take it slow, the fika way!

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