So just back from a wonderful 4 days in Holland staying on Amelia Rose our 27 ft sailing boat. First stop was Middelburg a city in the south-western Netherlands and the capital of the province of Zeeland.

Wandering through Middelburg’s majestic former VOC (Dutch East India Company) harbour and its winding cobbled streets, you’d never guess that in WWII, Germany destroyed much of the town’s historic centre in 1940.

Zeeland’s capital was rebuilt in the same style and you can still get a solid feel for what life must have been like hundreds of years ago. The fortifications built by the Sea Beggars in 1595 can still be traced in the pattern of the main canals encircling the old town.

The houses are all so very different and each door has been painted and finished to a high standard with the name or message handcrafted. Hollyhocks are sprouting everywhere in wonderful pinks and yellows. I fell in love with how thin widing and tall they are with oversized windows  each dressed with a decorated panel. They don’t really do curtains so naturally I was drawn like a child to a sweet shop wondering who lived in such a beautiful interior.  Theres a market in the square and great coffee shops with cakes being baked on the premises. We are returning on saturday for a further two weeks and ill be able to explore the boutiques and interior shops so will be adding more from our journey in Holland.

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