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Our shop is our home and from here, we curate a unique assortment of Scandinavian-inspired accessories, furniture and home décor which we carefully select from designers that we love. We feel passionately about championing partnerships with creatives who share a belief in slow design, which is all about taking time to create designs you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Our latest products

Find a fascinatingly indulgent scent, beautifully designed colour cabinet or go-anwhere rug to make your home as unique as you are.

On Instagram

Rather shockingly our Instagram has been taken over by a user based in Turkey, hence our feed is inactive. If you get a DM message from __vanil__, please ignore it, it may look like it has come from us, but it won’t be from us. 

We will update you  via the website as soon as we have news . Please all be very careful, we were hacked by a  clever phishing email claiming to offer help with a copyright infringement which would obviously be a worry for any business.

This user is furkanx10k, please feel free to report this user as spam and ignore any messages from them.

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